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Virgin Orbit
Virgin Orbit is hard at work launching the smallsat revolution. It provides launch services for small satellites.
exactEarth was established for the purpose of making Satellite AIS data services available to the global maritime market.
Astrosat are experts at sourcing, analysing and deploying satellite driven data. Everything from regional geology maps to global weather data, helping you plan and track your next big project.
Gilmour Space Technologies
Gilmour Space Technologies is a Australian-based launch provider with operations in Queensland and Singapore, that is developing and launching low-cost hybrid rockets for the fast-growing small satellite market.
Gravity Discovery Centre
The Gravity Discovery Centre is a premier science education centre in Western Australia for Physics and Astronomy, and the only centre in Australia with a focus on Gravity and Cosmology.
Space Micro
Space Micro focuses on technology advancement and product implementation for high reliability satellite electronics.
Fleet is building a network of tiny nanosatellites to deliver a global backhaul service for the Internet of Things. We're building a scalable network that will give ubiquitous coverage to devices around the world.
Next Aero
The team that have taken the aerospike rocket from concept to reality is NextAero. The aerospike project is codenamed ProjectX.
Oxford Space Systems
Oxford Space Systems is a venture capital-backed space technology business that's pioneering the development of deployable structures for the global satellite industry. Using novel proprietary materials, OSS products are lighter, simpler, and more cost-effective than those in commercial demand.
Sen's vision is to make space universally accessible, building the information infrastructure in a multi-world democracy with videos that inspire, educate and entertain humanity. It's vital that as nation states, international governmental organisations and commercial entities explore space that the story is told, that humanity is kept informed by an independent media, and that these activities take place with the informed consent of all humanity
Space for Humanity
Space for Humanity is a non-profit organization that will select a diverse group of non-astronauts to travel to the edge of space at the end of 2018.
SynapseMX is a leading developer of aviation and aerospace maintenance software.
Zero2Infinity are building a brighter future in which access to Space is frequent, affordable, secure and reliable for everyone.
Tachyon Aerospace
Tachyon Aerospace is designing, manufacturing, and launching the world's first trans-atmospheric flight vehicle
Space Visualization Technologies
A satellite and aerial imaging technology and services company.
Moody Space Centre
Initiative to Develop a Commercial Space Launch Centre in Queensland, Australia by bringing together a group of International and Local Space/Technology/Defence Sector Companies interested in operating in Australia at the Centre.
ManSat specializes in the provision of satellite spectrum for Geostationary Satellites, Non Geostationary Constellations, CubeSats and more
The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research) is an equal joint venture between Curtin University and the University of Western Australia, and we attract some of the world's leading researchers in radio astronomy. We play a key role in the international Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project, the world's biggest ground-based telescope array
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